Personal Contact, Personal Contact, Personal Contact...Oh, did I mention PERSONAL CONTACT?!

Yep, you heard me right...I said PERSONAL CONTACT!!!

What do I mean by that?? What I am really saying is...the "Name-of-the-Game" is getting into personal contact with family, friends, peers, neighbors, people at social events and outtings, and others.

There are thousands of ways to market yourself in today's age through social media venues such as FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, ActiveRain Blogs, TWITTER, WORDPRESS & your personal WEBSITE (those link to the ones I personally use lol).

Don't forget about the Yard Signs, Direct Mail, Newsletters, e-Newsletters, Postcards, Ads, Business Cards...on and on and on

While I truly believe all of these things are important and an essential structure for your Business & Success in the real estate industry, there is one thing that I believe a lot of real estate professional lack and that is the ability to get into PERSONAL CONTACT with other people.

Sitting behind a computer all day and sending emails and letters is the EASY way to prospect and make you feel like you're getting something done. Editing your Facebook or blog (i am not a hypocrite!) are EASY ways to prospect...BUT...they are certainly not always the best.


DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO CALL YOU?...of course, but for that to happen you must build *RAPPORT* with them. It is extremely difficult to build rapport with someone you have NEVER met in real life. Think about it...Who would you trust more:

1. Agent that sends you run-of-the-mill newsletters & emails that many view as junk mail OR

2. Agent that walks up, shakes your hand, introduces his/her self in a professional manner. They look you straight in the eye and say, "I work in real estate on a daily basis, I love my job, and if there is anything I can ever do for you..please don't hesitate to give me a ring".

                                                       Shake Hands

When it comes time to BUY or SELL, they may not always contact you 100% of the time but if you have met them personally and have found a way to stay in touch, odds are YOU will be the agent.

"The Name of the Game" is have *PERSONAL CONTACT* & build *RAPPORT*'s the best social media/yardsign/directmail/email/ad/website you will ever use...oh yeah, and its FREEEEEEEEEE!!!


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